Congratulations Vic Gable!

On March 13, 2019 a retirement celebration was held to celebrate the retirement of Vic Gable at Work Leads to Independence.

wli would like to thank Vic’s family, friends, wli employees, and the community for joining wli to celebrate all Vic has done to enhance employment options for individuals and employers for more than 28 years.  His passion and vision will be greatly missed.  A Vic Gable Annual Recognition Award was presented to Vic.  On an annual basis Vic and a committee will select an individual who displays a work ethic and accomplishments worthy of the award.  Vic and the committee will announce the winner at the annual end of the year party and their name will be added to a brass plate on the plaque that was given to Vic at the retirement celebration by wli’s new CEO, Melinda Kale, and Kelly Driver at the celebration.